Q. Why is FireMate different from other asset management systems?

A. FireMate is a specifically built fire protection maintenance software for use by fire protection contractors. This allows our development team to have the sole focus of developing a product for use by these contractors, without having to also accommodate for other trades.

Q. How easy is FireMate to use by field staff?

A. FireMate’s new mobile platform is easy to use. The onsite workflow has been designed so that regardless if you are a tech savvy fire sparky, or a sprinkler fitter with a hate for anything technical you’ll pick FireMate up very quickly.

Q. Will FireMate integrate with my accounting package?

A. FireMate fire protection software integrates with almost any accounting package, including but not limited to Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Pronto and SAP

Q. Does FireMate come with a bar code module?

A. Yes, although traditional asset numbering systems can also be used.

Q. Does FireMate help to comply with Australian Standards AS1851-2012 inspection prompts?

A. Yes, FireMate fire protection software is built around the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851-2012, AS1851-2005 and helps you to maintain compliance with the press of a button! It will generate automatically:
– routine activities according to the respective standards or contractual obligations
–  state-based sign off documents, such as System Condition Report, the NSW AFSS and the QLD Occupier Statement
–  monthly compliance reports

Q. Does FireMate have a live client portal?

A. Yes

Q. Can you import my existing customer information into FireMate, or will I have to manually type it in?

A. Yes, we can import your data into FireMate. We will go above and beyond here to ensure we help as much as we can, however as every company has a slightly different setup each import does vary.

Q. Who uses FireMate Software?

A. Hundreds of users now trust FireMate to manage their fire protection business. FireMate is used by some of Australia’s largest fire protection companies and some of the smallest. FireMate is powerful enough to be used in a national multiple branch organisation, but flexible and easy to be used by sole traders and every other sized company in-between.

Q. What sort of training and support does FireMate offer?

A. FireMate Software offers outstanding training and support. Firstly, as all FireMate training and support staff are from the fire protection industry we get your business. We provide a mixture of online and onsite training. Whatever suits your needs best.

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