New Feature Update – Customised Assets Fields

Here we go again, we are currently pushing out a minimum of one new feature release each week and we have a queue of new features that are currently in testing that we will be releasing in the coming weeks.

This morning we are pleased to announce the release of a significant new feature where the field labels against an asset are now tailored to the asset itself. This was particularly apparent previously with the Pressure Test Date that was for Extinguishers but was also present against other asset types such as Fire Sprinklers or Detection Systems where it wasn’t relevant. As well licensees can now add a limited number of additional fields.

This is a significant change that has been in development for some time now and we have been working very hard towards this in the background as we push further and further to capture the detail required to provide the most detailed reporting available for your customers. By capturing this level of information provides you with the ability to drill down deeper into your data to obtain higher levels of compliance and further opportunities to grow your revenue, something that no other product comes near in Fire Protection Maintenance. Because we don’t have to work around all the compromises with normal asset maintenance software we have been able to tailor FireMate to be specific to the Fire Protection Industry and the unique way the industry operates.