FireMate Mobile Date Requested Changes

Here’s another quick one for you all, we have just released a much-requested feature update before we finish up for the weekend.
Many Licensees have requested that their technicians – like annual testers who arrange their own work schedule and bookings directly with your customers – can set the date & time they have booked in for testing against the Routine Activity or Job. A lot of people were attempting to run this in separate calendars which provided no visibility to service coordinators back in the office.
So now your techs can modify the Date Requested Date & Time against the activity on FireMate Mobile and these changes then reflect into their technician workload on their device and back into the Technician Assignment Calendar on FireMate Desktop providing full visibility to all.
For those Licensees with dedicated Delivery Managers, this feature can be disabled in the Employees & Logins against each individual Technician if required.