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FireMate – The only electronic management system specifically built for the Australian and New Zealand Fire Protection Industry on the market for sale today!
FireMate has been designed and developed in Australia to assist fire protection contractors manage the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851, relevant New Zealand Standards and the ever increasing modern day demands of their clients.
FireMate is not a generic service application that also does fire protection. FireMate is purpose built fire protection maintenance software. This means we have the sole focus and interests of fire protection contractors, which allows us to automate and streamline our software to make it comprehensive but simple to use.
Building the best fire protection software is what we do. It’s who we are and what we are all about!
FireMate Software Dashboard


Powerful reporting to ensure you and your customers get the information required. Automatically send monthly activity reports.


Built to schedule thousands of activities within seconds, the FireMate scheduler is powerful enough for a large multinational enterprise.


Manage customers assets with ease. Track critical information like pressure test and flow rate, barcode and last inspection date.


Asset Maintenance

Customer Portal

Contract Administration

Defects and Quoting



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Mobile App

Field force automation via mobile devices.

Increase the accuracy and productivity of your field staff by enabling them to manage your customers’ assets effortlessly on any device. Let them access their schedules with live updates, receive directions and advice on their devices, log their work without having to complete endless paperwork and photograph faulty equipment which can then be attached to work orders. And all the information synchronises with the office.

It really is that easy!

Works on all Apple/iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

FireMate Mobile App

Why Choose Us


FireMate has been specifically built for the Australian and New Zealand Fire Protection Industry.  Every member of the FireMate Software team has a minimum of 15 years Fire Protection and relevant IT industry experience. This translates to us understanding your business, we know what you need to do to win the work and even more importantly, we know exactly what your team need to do to keep it!
FireMate Software is solely focused on the Fire Industry so you can be assured that with only one focus, FireMate and the FireMate Software Team is the right choice for your business!

Latest News

FireMate Mobile For iPad/iPhone

We are pleased to announce that FireMate Mobile has now been officially released for iPad and iPhone. Get it now from the Apple app store.

Workload Filters & Tech Notes Available Indication

Two new features to FireMate Mobile just rolled out. Where tech notes are available against either an RA or SR, the little clipboard icon will appear next to the Help icon. Also added the ability […]

New Feature Update – Customised Assets Fields

Here we go again, we are currently pushing out a minimum of one new feature release each week and we have a queue of new features that are currently in testing that we will be […]